Friday, 8 July 2011

Paraprosdokians, part 3: Invulnerable to logic

I love comics. Always have. Single panels, strips Brit-style comics and US-style comic books. I love the art, I love the writing and, with panels and strips, I love the humour. My all-time favourite cartoonists is a single-panel merchant. Or, was, I should say. Giles died some years ago and the world is a poorer place for the lack of his cosy, biting wit. And his art. Seriously, the guy packed in so much stuff into his panels (they were editorials, so basically half a tabloid page), it was incredible. You could go back to most of his work and marvel at his textures, his ability to draw weather and yet another incidental gag you hadn't seen before.

These days, of course, you have webcomics. I have a great deal in my bookmarks list, but I still like to have a printed book, so I do like to get a compilation of some I can afford, as and when, but the truth is, I go back to them pretty much every day and check for updates.
One of my favourites is The Abominable Charles Christopher. This strip follows the adventures and journeys of self-discovery made by a naive sasquatch who lives in a forest. Generally, it's not played for laughs and there's a strong ecological and moral theme. Some strips also feature some his woodland companions, and these are where the humour comes in.
Take this one, for example:

I literally laughed out loud when I read the punchline, and my laugh brought Julie in to see what the fuss was about. I showed her the cartoon and waited.
And waited.
Julie, bless her, hadn't got the 'in' gag. However, it seems that there was a good reason for her not finding it funny...

That one got her the look. The blank-faced, are-you-kidding-me look. Surely logic could have helped her work thi... ah, yes... logic...


It's Devil's Dictionary time again! From the Ps, we have the following definition, one which conforms to the rules of a paraprosdokian (ie, everything goes normally, until the final part wrenches it aside). Of course, this being from the Devil's Dictionary, it's very, very cynical. And accurate.
Present, n: That part of eternity dividing the Domain of Disappointment from the Realm of Hope.
Oh, wow... what a downer...
I like it though... perversely, it cheers me up to know that others feel the same way about the world as I do...

BUT WAIT! I haven't forgotten the big news I've been promising - you'll just have to wait for another hour or so before I can set up another blog for you...