Monday, 19 September 2011

Cartoon bonus featuring Evil Inc.

It's Monday. That means a heavy time trawling through all the webcomics that I have have bookmarked. Some come out on other days, but the vast majority post at least on a Monday, if nothing else. In many cases, I'm simply following them out of habit, but they'll occasionally throw up a good one which makes keeping them to hand worth it.
Evil Inc though is a strip that posts each day of the week (bar Sunday) and is definitely worth following, because it has superheroes. Yes, my name is Spike Matthews and I am a nerd. However, the strip also has a fine vein of humour running through it. One the one hand, it loves the comic books (and the snazzy, skin-tight costumes), but then again, the strip does like to poke fun at it all.
Today, I read the latest instalment in a story arc in which there is a power outage through the city and so Superhero Dad and Supervillain Mum are telling their son how they met and what happened when he was born.
For some reason, I saw this and thought of Julie...

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