Monday, 12 September 2011

I thought I was thinking. But then I thought better of it.

You know that look on someone's face where you can see they've completely tuned out the world. You know - the one that usually prompts the question, "Penny for your thoughts?" We've all been there, on both sides of the equation. I know I zone out quite a lot; my mind wanders off so much they tend to send out search parties for it. It doesn't help that I also have a tendency to wear dark glasses as a preventative from bad headaches (it works, don't knock it). This means that anyone I happen to be with has no idea if I am paying attention to them or the rather attractive young lady that's just walked in, if I've zoned out or even fallen asleep.*
Anyway, we were in a cafe last Saturday and I could see Julie was slipping into The Zone. Before I lost her, I asked her what was going through her mind.

Silly me. I should know better than to ask questions like that, shouldn't I?


Feedback time, folks. Fancy dropping a line either in the comments or on the Facebook page to let me know what you think of the reversed format for the Gem graphic? It would be appreciated ever so much, ta.

*Trust me, you'd KNOW if I had fallen asleep. People would be desperately looking for the herd of nasally-congested elephants that had apparently just entered the room.