Friday, 16 September 2011

Fancy a mouthful of perverted prawn?

This weekend is shaping up to be a busy one. Friday night (tonight), we are going to a local production of the Madness-themed musical 'Our House' and then the following morning, it's up to London for a makeover, photoshoot and interview for Julie, regarding the weight loss surgery she had a couple of years ago. It's been an amazing journey and it's done her the world of good, both physically and mentally. Before, Julie would hug the walls and avoid being seen in public, but all of a sudden, she's the most gregarious of people, and I like that a lot.
That aside, because things are going to be a little hectic when we get home from work, it was agreed we would have a take-out the night before, ordering enough for the two nights; this meant all we'd have to do is whack some left-overs in the microwave and have a half-decent meal before heading out again.

For this time around, we decided to have Chinese. Now, if you are anything like us, you probably have a favourite place to go to for your Indian food, the Chinese, pizza, etc... Again, if you are anything like us, you have a benchmark dish. By that, I mean a certain food that you order often enough that you can use it to compare various restaurants and take-outs with. With Indian food, for me, it's chicken biryani. For Chinese food, it's the starter, prawn toast. With prawn (or shrimp. Whatever.) toast, the toast has to be crispy and there has to be a decent amount of topping. I remember I had some once from a take-out my sister used to use and the topping was a smear of rubbery ... something, and the toast was a soggy mess of grease. Guess where I spent much of the next day or so.
This is what a decent bit of prawn toast should look like.

Nice and crispy underneath, plenty of sesame seeds on top and enough minced prawn in the middle to use as a parking block for a 747. Yum! Just don't try moving too much afterwards, OK?
There's only one slight problem with having such a generous portion of prawn; that much juicy, minced filling tends to mean a certain amount of leakage when you bite into a piece. Sometimes, 'leak' isn't the right word. Try, instead, 'spurt'. Or, as Julie puts it...

I am so very glad I wasn't eating or drinking right at that precise moment. How about y... oh, sorry. Here, have a tissue...