Friday, 9 September 2011

The kids today have no taste.

It's our anniversary today (five years and I still love her to bits), so I thought I would give Julie a break. Instead, we're going to feature the daughter of a friend.

I met a friend (henceforth to be known as 'S') in Manchester while I was off on business and she was telling me that her daughter has a habit of coming out with odd phrases, just like Julie does. I asked her to prove it and spent half the evening sniggering and outright LOLing at the stories I was being told. Take, for example, the time when my friend and her daughter were sat eating dinner. S's daughter was eating chicken-flavour noodles, while her mother was eating the actual meat. Apparently, S's eldest hates chicken, but loves eating chicken noodles. My friend asked why her daughter hated actual chicken meat and got this answer...

To quote my friend directly,
I had to ask her to stop talking at that point as my brain couldn't handle it any more :D
Have a great weekend, folks!