Wednesday, 7 September 2011

The emperor's old clothes

Following on from Monday's post, we're talking about the Abba tribute evening we went to last Saturday. Specifically, the outfits that some of the folks were wearing to the gig. We had all been encouraged to dress appropriately for the show, so there were lots of flares, as could be expected. Some missed the chronological mark by some distance and dressed up as 1960s flower power hippydip peaceniks, but others came in white, sequinned catsuits, which was fine for those that had the figure for it. I'm sure I don't need to go into detail. Another thing that these people in the white outfits could have done with realising is that, when wearing such pale attire, you'd be best advised to not wear black, chunky underwear. It sort of spoils the effect somewhat.

We had considered going in fancy dress ourselves, but there were two things wrong with that idea. Firstly, I wear pretty much the same kind of clothes as I did in the 1970s, albeit scaled up several notches up the scale. Shorts, polo shirt and sunglasses. I'm comfortable, so why change it? As far as Julie was concerned, there was a whole different problem...

This one was an 'eyes closed while I process this' moment. I know all the words, the grammar is passable and there is an underlying logic. However, the whole thing is just... wrong somehow.