Monday, 5 September 2011

ABBA were from Bristol, you know.

Last Saturday night, there was an ABBA tribute act in town, followed by an open-air screening of the film Mama Mia. As part of Julie's birthday present, I bought us tickets to go and see it. What I didn't know, was that Julie would be bringing Reynard, a cuddly toy hedgehog with us.

ABBA tribute in the dark
Julie and Reynard the Hedgehog
I think it was something of a cheek for people to be giving us odd looks, considering the outfits they were wearing... I mean, I know ABBA wore the jumpsuits and flares, but some folks were wandering around in full-on 60s flower-power regalia.
That aside, we were chatting away, enjoying ourselves, when our accents suddenly underwent a seismic shift a hundred miles or so to the West. I know I have a wandering accent, and there's a family tendency to pick up the accent of an area we're barely even passing through. Also, Julie has previously demonstrated a certain inability to fail an accent by immense distances (see this one for proof). However, for us to both spontaneously move from a sub-cockney accent to something akin to The Wurzels was a little odd, to say the least.
Not as odd as the following conversation though.

Er... what?