Wednesday, 28 September 2011

How not to begin a conversation

(Just a quick note; this doesn't feature Julie at all)

So, a colleague of mine, R, is working away, packing up a few boxes and sending them down the line. He's the only one around at this point. Or he is until B comes along. For a minute or two, they're working side by side and then B offers this as an opening conversational gambit.

At this point, B realises what he has just said and, more importantly, implied about R's bathing regime and starts laughing and babbling an apology at the same time.

Naturally, work places being what they are, everyone got to hear about this in less time than it takes to tape a box closed. It's just as well R is an understanding man with a sense of humour - in fact I think he's enjoyed ribbing B about it quite a bit.
Later on, I asked B what he had actually been referring to. Apparently, you can now buy footballs that have an odour. This smelled a bit off to me, so i thought I would have a look-see for myself via the all-encompassing power of Google.
Not a thing. I may have to call B out on this one...


Courtesy of 9Gag, I finally found something that shows B isn't mistaken.

I'm actually intrigued by the instruction to not bounce by the road. Surely that's what you want to buy the ball for...