Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Re-writing the classics, Gem-style.

So, we're talking about books, yeah? And how nobody seems to read them, like, you know, 'cause TV has ruined everything. Can't see what people see in them, myself, 'cause it's just, you know, paper, innit? And, like, words.

Well, yes. That's quite enough of that. Do you have any idea how difficult it was for me to try and come up with teen/chav patois? Not only that, but to pretend that I don't like books and reading? The very thought is anathema to me. Julie reads too, but it's not nearly on the same scale as me. Still, it's nice for us to both just sit there having a cuppa and a quiet read in our chairs. As you can tell by the Shelfari gadget to be found on the right (you may have to scroll down some to find this), my tastes range far and wide. Julie, on the other hand, goes for the more comforting read, in the genre that is known as 'chick-lit'. Not for her, the epics such as 'Lord of the Rings' or the classics like 'Wuthering Heights'.
That said, Julie seems to have an idea to make the classics and the epics more approachable to the modern reader. Take, for example, the below renamed Tolstoy...

The scary thing is, I can actually imagine this being produced. Hopefully, someone would have the sense to set it out as a comedic homage...
Nahhhh.... wishful thinking, or what?