Friday, 6 May 2011

Strummers, not scrubbers.

I may have mentioned this before, but when we're sat at a table, playing a board game, we like to have a bit of music in the background. With our tastes, though, there has to be a couple of ground rules. The main ones are that Julie will not be allowed to play any TV show related stuff (Glee and X Factor mainly) and I, being a music fan with massively broad taste, will not play anything too esoteric or heavy.

Fortunately, the acoustic guitar wizards known as Rodrigo Y Gabriella pass muster (just; by reason of not having any singing, Julie can just about put up with their string twiddling).
On this occasion, we were playing Scrabble; I was concentrating on my turn when I suddenly realised I was nodding my head rather energetically to a particular track ('Vikingman' from their eponymous album, since you ask). From that, we had this exchange:

I'm fairly well-known for my ability with a snappy comeback. On this occasion, Julie completely fused my synapses and it was down to automatic reflex to close my mouth and stop my brains dribbling from my ears.

Oh, and since you WERE interested enough to ask what the track was, here they are performing it at Glastonbury.