Wednesday, 11 May 2011

A wandering accent or a wandering country?

Yes, it's another geographically themed Gem.

To be honest, I could probably fill reams with all such Gems; Julie's grasp of Geography, distance and spatial awareness is comparable to (ex-US president) Bill Clinton's sense of fidelity and sexual restraint. Even basic knowledge, such as the names an locations of the continents are sometimes a mystery.

It's certainly a mystery to me. My wife is actually really rather intelligent and has a job with a certain amount of responsibility which requires deep and flexible thought. We'll have lengthy discussions, not all of which devolve into mud-slinging about our admittedly disparate musical tastes.
And then she'll go and spoil it all by coming out with something like this:

Now, normally, I will counter this with a pithy quip. This time, the best is could manage was a blank stare and, "......... no." To her credit, though, Julie did realise what she'd said and laughed about it.

Once again, I'm not going to give the answer, let's see which of you out there can resist the urge to Google and tell me in the comments below what the country really is.
Also, another Facebook fans-only bonus feature available. Come on in - the water's nice and warm.