Monday, 2 May 2011

What? At least it was on the right island!

The title to this one is pretty much a quote from Julie, although it's not strictly speaking accurate. Usually, the first thing she'll come up with when she sees my look of incredulity at her comment will be, "at least it was in the right country... it was, wasn't it?" And then she'll work upwards in size until she finally finds a landmass large enough to be general enough to be right.

Unfortunately, this only works for situations where we're actually discussing places. If, for example, Julie asserts that Mumbai is in South America, then she'll justify it by saying it was on the right planet. When we shift to accents though, it all goes for a tumble.

Brits will already get this, but others may need a little explanation. The comment, 'way-ay, man' is an exaggerated version of a standard Georgie phrase. Geordies live in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne (generally known just as 'Newcastle'). There's a little bit of distance between them, along with one or two different accents...

For a full size version go to 

And if that doesn't help, here's a clip of people talking Welsh, and a clip of a mouse animated to a soundtrack of a Geordie talking.
Overall, the effect is like someone referring to the Texan accent in a 'Noo Yoik' style...