Wednesday, 25 May 2011

What's that about pride and falls again?

There's a telephone box (booth) next to a bowling green near where me and Julie live. On a glorious day, out for a gentle stroll, we happened to pass it. Or nearly. On this occasion, Julie stopped and glared at it for some reason. Then we had this exchange - Julie leading off with her forthright declaration.

(NB - the "><" indicates where I suddenly realised we were in danger of becoming stuck in a loop and stopped what I was saying.)

Obviously, what I had meant to say was that, in all the time since I had moved down here, there had always been one phone box.
Yeah, I know. Too little, too late.

By the way, Julie challenged me; "I bet you won't put that one on the website, will you?" However, I am nothing if not fair and even-handed. If I didn't post it, I would be all shades of hypocrite, and I refuse to be that.