Friday, 30 March 2012

Bad, bad Julie & Dad.

As threat... umm.. promised, there was indeed at least one more family Scrabble Gem to relate. As anyone who has played Scrabble knows, to be faced with a rack full of vowels or consonants and/or the damnedest, tightest board layout ever is one of the worst things you could face. Apparently, during the course of this particular game, my father was faced with a nasty rack. The abysmal state of the board I can personally attest to. I have never seen so many two and three-letter words played in one game.

As the turns progressed around the board, there was much head-scratching and tutting and a plethora of single-figure scores. Yes, it was that bad.
Some time into the game, it was once more my father's turn and he spent an especially long time huffing and puffing, shuffling his letters and moaning about the state of the board. As we know full well though, that can mean either of two things; yes, his lot is pretty naff or that he has a brilliant word and is having trouble finding a place to put it down. When he finally began stringing together full sentences, we realised that - gamewise - he was in deep doo-doo.
Unfortunately for everyone else, Dad and Julie have long since forged an unholy alliance of sorts. There is plenty of evidence in the Julie's Gems archives to prove they are perfectly willing to collaborate, and it seems that they are so confident in themselves that they are now quite willing to blatantly flaunt their ways right under our noses. Witness this little exchange where Dad is (still) moaning about his letters...

See what I mean? What chance did any other player stand against these two?


Right. I want to give some credit here. The image that I have used above comes courtesy of sfantoo on deviantArt. I have told them of this usage, so that's all good, I hope. If you want to check out the original image (and please do), along with more of his material, why not click here?