Monday, 12 March 2012

Rihanna goes upmarket for her next single...

Famous for being bashed about by her boyfriend and wearing very little in the way of clothing - oh, and for singing, apparently - Barbados-born Rihanna has had quite a few singles and a clutch of half-decent albums under her belt (or is that her skirt?). However, it seems she is contemplating a change of direction for her music. According to Julie, that is.

Changing the scene, Julie and myself were heading up to Birmingham and playing the Alpha(bet)game; it's an easy thing and has various names. Essentially, you pick a category and then you work through the alphabet, taking it in turns to come up with something that begins with the appropriate letter and belongs to the chosen topic. Our default subject is 'songs, but name the artist performing them". Instrumentals are allowed too. For example, the person going first could play "Apache" by The Shadows. The next person could then follow that up with "Brilliant Mind" by Furniture, and so on. Allowances are made for difficult letters, such as 'X'.
It's a fun little game and keeps me awake on long motorway journeys - especially when I'm fighting a headache.
On our most recent trip, we were playing the game and Julie reached the letter 'U'. She had one to mind rather quickly, but it wasn't one of her favourites.

Hah! Headache or not, I knew a Gem when I heard one, especially when it's such a zinger. Even though i was driving, that had to be jotted down - just as well Julie has her own pad and pen handy at most times!