Thursday, 8 March 2012

A handy perspective

While I was away on business recently, I kept in contact with Julie on a regular basis. We had arranged to call in the evenings, but I often called if I had stopped for whatever reason, be it a service station on a motorway, at a destination where I was due to unload; any reason, really. Amazing how much you can miss someone, isn't it? When you're both at home, life just sort of settles into a routine. That's nice, but you can sort of start taking things for granted. While I was on the road, I missed the random hugs and the general knowledge that Julie was just there for me. OK, so we don't sleep in the same rooms (it's a snoring thing, mainly. That and my habit of talking in my sleep), but we know we're still very close.
I also miss talking with Julie. While we may differ in a lot of ways, we share likes and opinions on many, many other subjects.* On one occasion, Julie told me that she also found herself missing me in a curious aspect, that of scribe. Apparently, at work, Julie had said something odd and immediately found herself thinking, "oh! Spike should have been here to get this down!" I did suggest she jotted it down herself, but she said she couldn't do that.

This is true... Thing is, though, love, that sentence didn't quite end the way I thought it would...

*We both, for example, have a deep aversion to pretentious art; yes, Tracey Emin, I'm looking at you. And you, Damien Hirst. Do something yourself for a change, yes? Something not solely designed to shock.