Friday, 16 March 2012

A family feudin' over features

There's nothing like a family for being able to push all the right - or wrong - buttons, is there? They have known each other for long enough to know what pleases or annoys them. Technically, that should make it all that much easier to buy them a gift at the appropriate times, but it never turns out that way, does it? In the end, out of desperation, it's a trip to a shop and handing over some of your cash in exchange for a gift voucher. On the other hand, we all know what familiarity is apt to breed, don't we?
As we saw last time, my sister responded a little harshly to my father making a rather triumphant move in a board game (although, in fairness, he HAD just stuffed up her own potentially game blagging turn.) It was during the same game that I decided to try and take a sneaky photograph of my sister. The thing is, she's rather like our mother when it comes to this. If they catch you trying to take a photo, and it's not during a special occasion, then you had better hope your life insurance details are up to date. Fortunately for me, my sister was, this time, on the other side of a large oak table and the cutlery had long since been cleared away.


After the cursing had died down, we looked at the picture I had taken. I reckoned it wasn't all that bad - it certainly could have been a lot worse. My sister, on the other hand, demurred, which only gave our Dad a chance to take a quick dig;

There was so much flaming going on, I contemplated looking for a fire extinguisher...