Tuesday, 6 March 2012

The Cat With Nine Lives (and more!)

Heck with it. Time for some March Madness. You know last week we updated daily? Wel... er... pick your jaw up, there's a good fellow, it's most unseemly. Congratulations for anticipating me so well, however. Where was I? Oh yes. As you may have guessed by now, I'm going to give it the old college try and have a shot at post daily for the whole month. I may drop a day or two, and if I slow down, the first things to go will be the weekends.
Anyhow. On with it!


Some time ago now, Julie and myself were browsing a garden-shop website, on the look-out for things that may or may not have been hedgehog related. I can't recall whether we did or not, but I DO know we found a series of front door mats, all printed/made with various witty comments.* Julie, knowing my feelings towards cats - especially towards what the little sods do in my garden - pointed out this particular mat

Me, I was thinking it should have been something like "Cats, beware; angry gardener!", but Julie reckoned the original mat was correct, except for the fact it was unfinished. As she put it;

Well, yes I would. Apart from the implication that I'm the one actively trying to prevent a feline resurrection. Hmm. I wonder what ErwinSchr√∂edinger would make of that one...

*Well, 'witty', if you happen to have had a blow to the head, perhaps...