Friday, 9 March 2012

Doing the tea-thing

I like tea. I like it a lot, which is good, since I can't really get away with drinking coffee. That means I end up on the good side of this gentleman.

Go on - buy the album. you'll love it!

This is the gentleman responsible for the rise of steam-punk hip-hop, especially as seen in this clip

Unfortunately, I tend to fall foul of him in other ways... I also drink a fair amount of what are popularly known as 'herbal teas', although the term 'infusion' is more accurate as they don't derive from the tea bush. Chamomile, fruit infusions, that sort of thing. They're great for having a hot drink and it usually doesn't matter too much if you find some of it has gone cold. Unlike tea with milk, it's still somewhat drinkable.
Julie still finds the concept of a drink that is commonly called tea (but isn't really tea) somewhat baffling. Some proper teas too, as we found out when she discovered my favourite variety was lapsang suchong. On this occasion, I was trying out a white tea, a variety that is taken without milk, yet is still a 'real' tea. Naturally, this caused some confusion for Julie when I left it to steep (stew, for those not having the terminology) for a minute...

Don't worry; I didn't.