Thursday, 1 March 2012

Logic while you listen

As I mentioned the other day, we recently went to a comedy gig with some friends, and as we were travelling home, we were all chatting about this, that and the other. Of course, some of this (and maybe a little bit of that, but definitely none of the other), was about the show we had seen. Naturally, we were still full of our own personal memories of the show - but don't you always find that you will have laughed yourself to tears many times during the show, but can never recall anything but the barest details once it's all over and the dust has settled?

Nevertheless, all four of us were bringing up various bits of the show, although some prompting was required to get the details right now and then. At the other end of the spectrum, we'd each had our favourite sketches and would recount them more than once. Julie's own favourite was where Milton Jones was recounting how he was proud and amazed to have an uncle who was a GI and in the RAF - until he found out he was only a giraffe, that is (GI-RAF, geddit?). In the car after the show, after one of us mentioned what we had found particularly good, Julie would pipe up with some variation of "I still like the giraffe joke." Eventually, I felt I had to point out that she was in danger(!) of repeating herself.

As with the other Gem I referred to from this occasion, the remaining three of us fell silent, trying to work through the logic.
I'm still working on it.


Don't forget there is still a chance to have a chance at interpreting on of Julie's Gems. Yesterday saw an amazing outburst of 'wotnot's, and I challenged you to come up with some of your own otherworldly - or down to earth - version. So, come on, click here and comment with your own out-take. I'll post the best of them (and the real words) at some point in the near future.