Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Bonus post: Mitt Romney and the bland beliefs.

Don't ye just LOVE politics? Corruption and lies all the way.
The big thing, though is the speech. The speech that every politician gives when he's in dire need of some support from the likes of you and me. Once upon a time, they would write the speech themselves and what we would hear could be entertaining, boring, passionate, limpid, brief or epically huge and bombastic.
Not these days. Now, any politician with a little money prefers to rent somebody else's wordsmithing skills. Not only that, but they will also then often employ a proof reader to check for any errors or inappropriate content.

Enter Mitt Romney.
Mitt is the current man of the moment for the USA Republican Party. Should the party, in this latest presidential campaign, garner the most votes, then he will be the man in the Oval Office.
Oh bloody hell.
My apologies to any members or supporters of that political party, but the man is a brain-dead, charisma-free nincompoop.
Why? Well, let me show you. Bearing in mind all I just said about speeches and hiring writers to jot things down for them. take a look at this particular Gem.

See that section I highlighted? Isn't it beautiful? I mean, if you want to hear a perfect example of trying to say so little with so many words, then you don't really need to look any further than this chuffing pillock.
I'm sorry, America, but I can't honestly believe you have already forgotten the chimpanzee known as George 'Dubya' Bush, the guy you had before Obama.
For more on this you can read Mark Steyn's article.

Excuse me, I need to go rescue my brain...