Friday, 23 March 2012

Laughing in Luxemburg

My apologies. There should have been a Gem for those of you that visited this site yesterday. However, due to a nasty headache, I didn't even switch the computer on, let alone do any blogging... Anyhow, onwards and upwards! Well, over to mainland Europe, that is.


You know, I have no idea why this Gem came about. I was sat at the computer, not doing much of anything, and Julie came in on her way to bed. As always, I had a pad just to the side of me, and this turned out to be a nice bit of foresight on my part. In the space of a few minutes, I had jotted down a brace and a half of Gems. In fact, looking at them now, only one makes any kind of connection in my memories. In fact, as I look around the room now, I can't see anything at all that may have triggered them. Nor - I hasten to add, was I looking on the internet at anything pertinent to these Gems.
Here's the first one.

See what I mean? I haven't heard of AOL in years, let alone used anything of theirs. I don't even know the last time I saw one of those damn discs that used to be everywhere you went. I suppose they're all pretty much landfill now.
Whatever - it's a good Gem, isn't it? Well - as long as you know of Luxemburg, that is. It's a tiny country, wedged in between France Belgium and Germany.

You see it? Right near the bottom? Yes, just where it says 'Luxemburg', well done, no need to be snide...
However small Luxemburg may be, it's a country that many Brits of a certain age will know well, mainly for the classic Radio Luxemburg. Ahh, the memories...

Tomorrow: the second reference-free Gem. You may want to drop by; it has to do with sex...