Thursday, 15 March 2012

Definitely NOT a (blank) expression on her face.

We're a Scrabble-playing family. We're also fairly competitive, although I will qualify that comment; It's not so much we're playing against each other, but more that we're simply trying to do the best we can with our particular set of letters and however the board is looking at any one time. Quite often, though, especially when we have managed to wrangle our racks into a Bingo (a word using all seven letters), we will turn out to harbour a certain animosity towards our opponents. Especially if our Bingo can only be placed in one spot on the board, AND SOME BASTARD HAS JUST GONE IN MY PLACE... AAARRRRGGGHHHH!
I'm serious. We've all done it. Julie has done it. I've done it. My mother groans and huffs like a big bad wolf when it happens to her.*

My sister, however, is a little more demonstrative. Which is a little unfair on this occasion, as my Dad had excelled himself with a grade-A Bingo, leading over a double word spot and onto a triple letter square. (sorry about that - inherited detail-obsessive behaviour). Laying the letters down, he placed a blank tile onto one square and tapped it, commenting, "that's a 'D', that is." As I implied, my sister was entirely unappreciative, and not a little blunt about it...

Cue much biting of lips as we tried not to laugh. It HAD been a bit much, but - boy, it WAS funny...

By the way, in case you hadn't guessed the origin of this Gem's title, here you go. Something a bit Special.

* Yes, all of us, Mum. You may deny it all you want, but how many times have you called someone a 'ratbag' for going in your spot? Sure, you'll applaud them for having made a good play, if that is indeed the case. On the other hand, if someone has just blocked you with an insultingly low-scoring word, then I can personally attest that you will be having a major case of The Grumps.