Saturday, 10 March 2012

Driving with a chocolate dog

Off on one of my journeys with the company van, we were discussing what I needed to take with me. This was me personally, that is... I'd long since given up trying to get my company to organise things and had instead begun issuing orders. That was kinda fun, actually... hehehe... No. I was rather more organised. I had a list of stuff I needed to take and a list for things I needed to do before going, en route and when I reached my destinations.
There was, however, one thing missing. If you are of a certain age and remember a certain chocolate bar...

...then you may also recall a certain advert on TV...

Since I was going to be doing the driving, Julie reckoned I should also be having the chocolate. Although none of the trucker-type leering at women... I was looking forward to getting out on the road for a change when Julie made this suggestion, and I was feeling somewhat whimsical. Which is why we ended up with this little exchange...

Actually, I was half-way serious. Like I said a couple of days ago, one thing I did miss on the road was company. Look at this li'l fella. Wouldn't you want him with you?

He's even as bad as me for getting up in the morning!
My parents have a Jack Russell terrier and he is so personable and well-behaved, it's almost unreal.
Sigh. What I ended up with was this. A limelight hogging hedgehog handpuppet.

Say 'hello' to Reynard Eladswort

Yeah. Great.